Protection of your privacy and of your data

You may not have noticed it but European Regulations recently required some significant changes on web sites, in order to make sure that they are respectful of their visitors and -even more importantly- of the privacy of their data. Our web site has been adapting since a few weeks with a few nice changes, including:

  1. A Privacy Policy.
  2. When you submit a comment on the site, it is now explicit (through a checkbox) that you understand that this will imply our storing of some of your personal data, and that you consent to it.(« explicit » and « positive » consent).
  3. Creation of a Data Protection Officer (that’s me!) in charge of answering questions and requests of modificaiton and removal of your personal data if you ultimately want to revoke your consent.

the objective is to make more explicit and fully compliant, the choices that we already made to respect our visitors, and their privacy. Like we do since the beginning.